My Hits at the US Airways Grand Slam

I am a baseball fan. Our Philadelphia Phillies are having a wonderful season. As soon as I got started getting a few hits at the US Airways Grand Slam park, I wanted more. Here is a summary of my hits so far for this new promotion.

Hit #1 – Downloaded the US Airways toolbar and did 4 searches. Here is the link to the toolbar. Download toolbar
Hit #2 – Transferred 4 American AAdvantage miles at into 1 US Airways Dividend mile
Hit #3 – Transferred 850 Starwood points to US Airways. Since I am a Platinum member I transferred the lowest amount to get a hit.
Hit #4 – Purchased Janie Spot Cleaner at Skymall. I have a few spots to remove, so I hope this works. – $11.35
Hit #5 – Purchased Anna’s trail size assortment from Biscoff and earned 250 bonus points. Great cookies, but I hope I do not eat many. – $13.47
Hit #6 – Purchased Rowboat w/mixed nuts from – $27.98
Hit #7 – Purchased poetry slam at Audience Rewards. – $12.50
Hit #8 – Purchased at Chico’s a sweater and a top using coupon 14378 to take $25 off of $50 (expires today) through US Airways Dividend Miles Shopping Mall – $31.71
Hit #9 – Used my US Airways MasterCard to make these purchases
Hit# 10- Subscription to Lucky Magazine from Magazine for Miles – 500 miles

Now I have enough hits for 10,000 bonus miles and need 2 more hits to reach the 15,000 bonus mile level. I plan buy a slice at Jules Thin Crust Pizza in Jenkintown and use my US Airways MasterCard to get a hit for Dividend Miles Dining. Later in the month when there is a better coupon code available, I plan buy a certificate through Thanks Again.

My initial goal was to get 10,000 bonus miles from this promotion. I made that goal because I needed 10,000 more miles in my Dividend miles account to have enough miles four coach tickets to Europe. Since I have surpassed my initial goal, now I have to look at the costs and the time involved to decide how many more hits make sense for me. Hope all of you are enjoying being in the big leagues earning hits in the US Airways Grand Slam promotion.

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14 Responses to My Hits at the US Airways Grand Slam

  1. JettyBoy says:

    You can like Thanksagain on Facebook to get a hit for free.

  2. wrightbro2 says:

    In which city did you find the $12.50 poetry slam on Audience Rewards? I’ve searched without any luck. Thanks for your help!

  3. Raul Martinez says:

    What is the promo code?

  4. bruce medd says:

    I notice you are following the progress regarding the number of hits so fasr. Is there a place to follow the number of hits. Can not find in my dividend miles account info. thanks

  5. mary lide says:

    HELP!!! The bear I bought from 1-800 Flowers does not count as a hit. I emailed them but I don’t think they will change their mind. I saw that a lot of people used this as a potential hit. Did it work for anyone?

    • I read that some of item did not count as a hit. Both my husband and I got our hits from, one for purchasing flowers for my birthday and and the other for a book.

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